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"Mountains are called those whose soul it for growth" © V. A. Belilovsky


  • Plastic boots or crampon-compatible heavy leather mountaineering boots.
  • Ice-axe.                                                     
  • Crampons.
  • Headlamp. The climb starts at night and for some hours you walk in the dark. Also a headlamp is extremely useful while visiting toilet at night at the huts.
  • Big backpack (not less than 75 litres).
  • Flask (thermos bottle) . Do not rely on those backpack flasks with a pipe - the pipe (for sure) and flask (probably) will freeze.
  • Small backpack for hikes and summit climb.
  • Ski/trekking poles/sticks.
  • Windproof mask - in case of cold strong wind.
  • Harness with, 2 carabiners, 1,5-2 meters of  rope.
  • Sleeping bag rated to -15 °C comfort temperature.
  • Foam matress for sleeping in a tent.
  • Insulated parka/jacket, down or synthetic, rated to -10°C and able to fit over other sweater layers.
  • Gore-tex jacket and pants(side-leg zippers are helpful), roomy and water repellent.
  • Midweight fleece jacket.
  • Fleece pants or tights.
  • Midweight thermal underwear tops and bottom.
  • Hiking pants/skirt.
  • Hiking shorts.
  • Long-sleeve shirts/blouses.
  • T-shirts.
  • Underwear.
  • Hiking socks.
  • Liner socks.
  • Hiking boots, sturdy, ankle-support, water-resistant, broken-in.
  • Camp shoes: running shoes or trail shoes, sneakers.
  • Sun hat.
  • Warm hat.
  • Bandana.
  • Fleece windproof gloves.
  • Waterproof overmitts (to protect gloves from snow).
  • Balaclava.
  • Snow gaiters, knee-length (supergaiters, which cover the whole boot, are excellent).
  • Sunblock and lip balm.
  • Toiletry kit.
  • Swimsuit - for a sunbath or sauna. Local people do not like naked bodies at public places.
  • Personal first-aid kit.
  • Any prescription or over the counter medications used regularly (these will not be available in the Caucasus).
  • Sunglasses with retainer strap (side-shields or glacier glasses highly recommended) or goggles).

Equipment you can take at the rental-shop just before the ascent or bring your own.

Request the cost of rental equipment by e-mail.

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