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Trekking in Nepal

The Kingdom of Nepal is located in the Himalayas between India and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. For many people, Nepal is a specific place where you can meet the Buddha, which is embodied in the image of a person. For everyone who wanted to see this magical country, developed several routes. Everyone will be able to admire and enjoy the fantastic beauty to the full when choosing any route.

Trekking tours run through wild protected forests and rhododendric thickets of Nepal. Tropical jungle in the vicinity of permafrost, prolific plains - with the highest mountains, among which flowing rivers and the deepest beautiful lakes. All these are the main attractions of these places. In addition, in any of our routes to Nepal there are dozens of temples and monasteries of two religions at the same time: Buddhism and Hinduism. They are perfectly combined and harmonized in a rather small country.

Those who wish to come to Nepal with different goals and desires. Some want to get acquainted and close enough to see the amazing, diverse nature and architectural monuments. Others want to see Everest with their own eyes. You can see him as close as possible if you go up to his base camp.

And for each of you we will find a suitable route. We develop programs and organize trekking tours to Nepal, which are suitable for tourists with different physical training, both without special climbing skills and climbing skills. The most popular trekking tours are trekking to Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp. And for those who wish, who have at least a small mountaineering experience, the route of Ascent to Mera-peak (6476 m) and Island-peak (6165 m) is perfect.

The main season of tourist routes in Nepal: mid-September - early November. During this period, relatively warm weather is almost always observed in the Himalayas and the monsoon rainy season abates.

If you decide to go on a tour of Nepal, choose the route that suits you!

Trekking dates in Nepal for the 2020 season

Everest Base Camp. Trekking in Nepal
March - October - 740$




30.03 – 13.04

27.04 – 10.05

12.10 – 26.10


Climbing the peak measure
March - April - 1 690$


March - April


16.03 – 02.04

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