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Question Answer

What distinguishes the southern route from the northern route?

The program "Ascent from the South" is shorter and cheaper because of the well-developed infrastructure of the ski resort, this tour is suitable for people who doubt their physical strength, have not been to the mountains, but want to try. The ascent facilitates the ascent on the cable car from 2500 m to 3850 m, the ability to use the snowcat on the day of ascent, which raises participants from 3850 m to 5100 m. This program has a significant minus compared to the ascent from the north side - sharp drops in height, a short acclimatization program

The ascent from the north is sporty and fair, the entire route from the foot to the mountain top must be walked by foot. As a result of a gradual climb, participants get better acclimatization.

Climbing on both sides includes a full package of services, ascent occurs at the same height, only from different sides.

How to better prepare for the expedition to Elbrus?

Mount Elbrus is not technically difficult and does not require special skills from a person. The conditions for successful ascent are - good physical shape and the absence of diseases that can give complications at height.

As a preparation, it is better to use any cardio load: running, swimming, cycling, walking. The speed shouldn’t be important, but the duration of physical exertion, because endurance is necessary.

What medications should you take?

Each participant must have a first-aid kit with them. The kit should include: adhesive plaster, antiseptic wipes, cold medications, antispasmodics. At altitude, it is good to support the body with effervescent vitamins C in the maximum dosage and effervescent aspirin C.

All drugs against hypoxia do not prevent the onset of altitude sickness, and remove its manifestation. We would not advise loading the body with medicines, since they have side effects.

A month before climbing it is good to drink a course of complex vitamins and iron preparations.

If you decide to drink medications during the ascent, it is better to determine the mode of administration and dosage together with your doctor.

What time is favorable for climbing Elbrus?

To plan your ascent is best in the summer. It is believed that the most favorable period for climbing is from mid-July to mid-August and early September. There are no exact dates and guarantees, because the weather in the mountains is unpredictable.

We plan tours not only in summer, but also in spring and autumn. Climbing in the spring and autumn months is more variable weather and forcing participants to sometimes wait for the weather window.

What should you do to book your participation in the tour?

In order to book a participation in the tour, you must: make an application to the email address , fill out the participant's application form, sign an agreement (for citizens of the Russian Federation), make a deposit of 20% of the total cost of the tour.

Reservations are made remotely. To book the tour you should send us a fixed deposit via bank transfer or Western Union. The rest is due to pay upon arrival in cash.

After receiving the deposit we send you a booking confirmation and an invitation letter, and you can apply for visa. We need to know the dates of your stay in Russia  and to have your  passport copy for issuing the invitation letter. The validity of the passport should expire not earlier than six months after your return from Russia.  The visa application along with your passport and invitation letter you will submit to the Russian embassy at your place.

Can I return the deposit if I can’t take part in the tour?

According to the contract for the provision of tourism services, p. 4.2. The deposit will be returned in full if you notify us that you will not be able to participate in the booked tour no less than 30 days before the start of the tour.

Unused deposit can be transferred to any other date or another year. Exceptions are individual tours and VIP programs.

What equipment should you bring with you, and what can be rented?

In the rental you can take almost the whole set of equipment, with the exception of things for personal use: thermal underwear, socks, hat, balaclava.

What is included in the tour price?

The cost of the tour includes almost everything, except for: travel from the place of residence to the Mineralnye Vody airport, rental of personal equipment, personal expenses. On the south side, the rent of a snowcat is not included in the tour price, since the decision on its use is made by the participants of the ascent.

Is it necessary to make insurance for climbing?

We highly recommend that you take out climbing insurance before climbing. Insurance must be climbing, level 4 risk and include the option "evacuation by helicopter."

Do you need to take cash?

In Kislovodsk, there may be problems with time, since after meeting at the airport you will need to check the equipment and get to the rental point where you need to pay in cash. In addition, participants often face a limit on the amount that can be withdrawn from an ATM.

In connection with the above, we recommend having cash: pay for the tour, rent equipment and personal expenses.

There are ATMs at the airport of Mineralnye Vody.

For foreigners exchange and tagged bills

Please, take note that the painted or worn out banknotes are not accepted.  Limitation on cash withdrawal in local ATMs is 5000 roubles per one transaction. There can be additional limitations of your bank. Please, care of to have cash in advance, as your participation in the tour without pay of balance is impossible, even if you arrived at our hotel.

Can I choose a special meal?

Our chefs take into account the nutritional characteristics of each participant.

If you adhere to a special menu or are allergic to any products, you need to indicate this information in the participant's application form and upon arrival to focus attention of the guide and manager that you need a special menu.

Do I need a border pass?

Elbrus is located near the border area with Georgia.

All our routes do not pass through the border areas and do not require a special permit.

The beginning of the border area is indicated by blue shields. Please do not violate the border regime.

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