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"Mountains are called those whose soul it for growth" © V. A. Belilovsky

Climbing mt. Elbrus

Восхождение с юга If you want to see nature in its original form, then welcome to the Elbrus climbing tour. Climbing will take place on the northern slope of Elbrus. 187 years ago, the first ascent took place along this slope. Get ready for the fact that you will have to meet with the elements of nature that are not beyond human control, that’s the wind and eternal snow. On the way, you will not find asphalt roads, hotels, shops, around there will be only the beauty created by nature. The northern ascent of Elbrus is suitable for beginners, although it is technically difficult to climb the slope itself (due to cracks on the slope), but experienced staff will always come to the rescue. Group members will be trained to move around the slope in bundles, learn how to use an ice axe and learn what it means to walk in crampons.

The duration of the program «Climbing Elbrus» is 8, 9, 10 and 11 days. For group members, comfortable tents and huts are provided.

The route begins in Kislovodsk, passes through the Karachay-Cherkess Republic. On the northern side of the Elbrus region, one can climb both the eastern and the western top of Elbrus. The group members with the guide, decide on which peak to climb: east or west. The weather conditions, preparedness and well-being of the group members are taken into account. Ascent to the western peak of Elbrus for 3 hours longer. The division of a group into two mini groups is practiced. Some go to the western summit, others to the eastern summit.

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