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Climbing Kazbek

Climbing Kazbek (height 5033 m) from the south, from the territory of Georgia attracts thousands of tourists from around the world every year.

Why is Kazbek so interesting? Well, firstly, this is one of the 10 highest mountains of Russia, and secondly, Georgia attracts with its color, hospitality, wine and delicious food, and thirdly, Kazbek is available to beginners.

We organize the ascent of Kazbek from July to September, because This period is characterized by the stability of the weather and allows you to make the tour as comfortable as possible.

You can start the tour of Tbilisi, or arrive in the village of Stepantsminda.

Climbing Kazbek from the side of Georgia does not require registration of border passes.

The program of the tour:

Day 1. Our program starts at Tbilisi airport. Until 12 o'clock in the afternoon you will be met by a guide and transfer. If you are not able to fly at a specified time, it is better to fly on the eve and stop for the night in one of the hotels located near the airport.

Next we have to transfer to the village Stepantsminda (former Kazbegi), the village is located at an altitude of 1700 m. The road will take 3 hours.

After arriving in the village and settling in the guest house, we are waiting for the first acclimatization exit to an altitude of 2200 m to the tallest in the world active Orthodox church Tsmind Sameba (Church of the Holy Trinity).

Day 2. We continue acclimatization, we are waiting for a taxi, which will take us to the church of Tsmind Sameb (2200 m) and we will head to the Sabertz pass, located at an altitude of 2900 m, and then to the lower part of the Gergeti glacier (3500 m) or to the high mountain shelter Bethlemi Hut, located at an altitude of 3700 m in the building of the former weather station. Overnight in the guest house.

Day 3. Today we will leave the village of Stepantsminda and our guest house and with all our belongings we will go to the shelter of Bethlemy Hut. To the church of Tsmind Sameba we will be brought up by a minibus, and then we are waiting for a pedestrian climb. Overnight at the shelter.

Day 4 Today we will go to a new height - 4400 m., To the Ortsveri glacier. This is an important day not only in terms of acclimatization, but also training skills in using Jumar, climbing cats and ice ax. The guide will conduct ice-snow activities. Return to the place of overnight - mountain shelter.

Day 5. Climbing to the top of Kazbek is the day for which we are here. We have to go through the glacier on the north side of the mountain and reach the Maili Plateau. Then begins the ascent of the snow-firn slope to the jumper at 4900 m. From the jumper. on a steep snow-ice slope we reach the summit. Ascent to the top will take 7-10 hours, descent 5-7 hours. Overnight at the shelter.

Day 6. Reserve day in case of bad weather on a scheduled day of ascent. If the ascent was successful, then today we will descend to Stepantsminda.

Day 7. Goodbye day with Mount Kazbek! We will go to the oldest city of Georgia, its former capital - Mtskheta. The historical monuments of Mtskheta are under the protection of UNESCO and are included in the list of the World Cultural Heritage. Overnight in the guest house.

Day 8. Today we say goodbye to Georgia and each other. Each participant independently gets to the airport at the time of his flight.


Included in the tour price:

  • Group transfers according to the program from 1 to 7 days. On the first day of the tour, participants must arrive at Tbilisi airport no later than 12 noon.
  • Accommodation:

- in Stepantsminda: guest house with breakfasts and dinners, lunch box for acclimatization;

- in the mountain shelter of Betlemi Hut (Weather Station): rooms with 2-tier wooden flooring;

 - in Mtskheta: a hotel or a guest house with breakfast.

  • Accompanying mountain guides in the ratio of 1 guide for 3 clients on the day of ascent and the main guide from the 1st to the 7th day.
  • Public equipment: ropes, ice-drills, Zhumar, descender (eight), first-aid kit gas, kitchen equipment, dishes.


Not included:

  • Travel from the place of residence to the airport of Tbilisi, or to the village of Stepantsminda.
  • Transfer from Mtskheta to Tbilisi Airport.
  • Lunches and dinners in Mtskheta.
  • Climbing insurance.
  • A horse or a porter for lifting personal gear and cargo.
  • Rental of personal equipment: backpack, clothes, shoes, trekking poles, boot covers, sleeping bag, mat (karemat), ice ax with self-insurance, harness (gazebo) with 2 lanyards and 3 carbines, helmet (mandatory!), Etc.

Dates of climbing Kazbek in 2020

Climbing Kazbek - 8-day tour
with the beginning of the tour in Tbilisi - €990



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13.07 – 20.07

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