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Climbing Elbrus from the north - 11-day tour

Восхождение с севера

The ascent route to Elbrus from the north stretches from Kislovodsk to the famous resort of Dzhily-Su through Karachay-Cherkessia. Compared with the southern ascents, this route is more difficult due to the lack of specially equipped devices: cable car, snowmobile, snowmobile.

The ascent is carried out on foot to one of two peaks: east or west, which is chosen by the tourist with a mentor, relying on physical training and weather conditions. The unique and diverse beauty of the surrounding nature makes the route interesting and fascinating.

Climbing Elbrus from the north for 11 days differs from the 10-day tour with an additional day of acclimatization to better adapt to the surrounding conditions. This tour is recommended for beginners.

Day 1. The route to Elbrus from the north runs from Kislovodsk. The tourist determines the way of arrival independently. This can be your own car, electric train or plane to Mineralnye Vody, and from there to choose from: train, taxi or transfer. Tourists arriving at the airport from 13.00 to 14.30 are met by a mentor to assist in check-in at the hotel and purchase the required equipment.

Day 2. In the morning, tourists travel by car with things, provisions and equipment from the hotel to the base camp, located at an altitude of 2550 m. During the route through the village of Kichibalyk and Hasout Karachay-Cherkessia, there are stops for rest, photography and excursions. The first excursion is in 2.5 - 3 hours in the resort town of Dzhily-Su , well-known for wellness bath procedures, healing natural springs, waterfalls, the largest of which is the 40-meter giant Syltran-Su waterfall.

Day 3. Discover the sights continues to visit the Valley of stone mushrooms. Fascinating spectacle of a huge space with a large number of fancy stones, reminiscent of the outlines of mushrooms. The height of the plateau is 3100 m above sea level. A stay in the valley is an unforgettable vacation, tea drinking in nature, unique photos of mountain beauties. The instructor will teach those who want climbing techniques. Return to the original base.

Day 4. Climb to the main alpine camp at an altitude of 3750 m in order to partially transfer equipment (cats, boots, ice axes, etc.) and return to the original base for restoring and sleeping.

Day 5. Completion of relocation to the main base with the remaining equipment and food. Rest and arrangement on a new base.

Day 6. An important stage of ascent is acclimatization to the high-altitude climate at an altitude of 4800 m (Lenz rock). The first glaciers with cracks formed from thawing are found at an altitude of 3800 m. We overcome a crack zone of 500 m in length by using a bunch, putting on cats and strapping to the rope. Further free movement.

Day 7. Rest day dedicated to the upcoming ascent, recuperation.

Day 8. Day of the ascent. Starting at 1 am. For traffic safety full equipment: safety systems, cats, headlamps. We are moving strictly according to the schedule: by dawn we overcome the height of the Lenz rock, by 13.00 we reach the top. Return to the alpine camp at 16.00 - 17.00.

Day 9. Return to the original base (2550 m). Rest time, walks to the sources, recuperation in the bath.

In case of bad weather, a reserve day is provided.

Day 10. Departure from the camp to the hotel. After a rest, a festive farewell party with dishes of national cuisine. All participants of the ascent to the top receive documents confirming the passage of the route.

Second reserve day.

Day 11. Departure from Kislovodsk in a convenient way. If necessary, a transfer will be arranged.

The price includes:

  • Group transfer: Minvody airport - Kislovodsk and back. On the first day we meet all flights until 14.30. On the last day of the tour you will be brought to the airport by 10:30.
  • Hotel accommodation in Kislovodsk, 2 nights, 2-bed and 3-bed accommodation.
  • Transfer from Kislovodsk to Gily-Su glade (with good road conditions, usually from mid-June until the end of the season in October - to our base camp on Polana Emmanuel) and back.
  • Accompanying the main guide during the whole program (from the airport to the airport) and assistant guides for climbing at the rate of 1 guide for 3 clients.
  • Accommodation in tents on the Gily-Su glade (2500 m) and in a hut in the assault camp (380 m).
  • Services porters for lifting gas and food from the base camp to the upper camp.
  • Three meals a day during the ascent. Cook services included !.
  • Three meals a day in Kislovodsk, starting with dinner on the first day of the tour.
  • Group equipment (public rope, carbines, ice-drills, first-aid kit).
  • The fee for visiting the National Park "Elbrus".
  • Certificate of ascent for each participant.

The price does not include:

  • Travel from your place of residence to the airport of Mineralnye Vody and back.
  • The costs associated with changing the program according to your desire: transfer from the base camp or from the Gily-Su glade to Kislovodsk, room and board at the hotel.
  • Rental of personal equipment (cats, ice ax, safety system, sticks, sleeping bag, etc.).
  • Personal expenses: individual transfers from / to the airport, single hotel accommodation, a bath in the Base Camp, porters' services for lifting personal cargo.
  • Climbing insurance.


* The price of the package of services includes one attempt to climb. An attempt is considered to leave the group with guides from the shelter no later than 05:00 and rise to a height of at least 4,200 meters. If the attempt was not used on the planned day of ascent (due to bad weather), then the next one (reserve day) is used at no additional charge.

** We will make every effort to ensure that the ascent took place, but we can not guarantee 100% success. If the ascent was prevented by insufficient physical fitness of the participant or adverse weather conditions, the organization does not pay any compensation.

Dates of climbing Elbrus for the season of 2020

Climbing Elbrus from the north - 11-day tour
June - August - €1090




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