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South Route, 10 days

Day 1. Beginning of the route in the city Mineralnye Vody. Arriving before 2 pm, the representative meets at the airport and accompany to the hotel "Snow Leopard" (glade Cheget, altitude 2100 m). Tourists arriving at other times, get to their place of residence independently in any convenient way: a taxi or a transfer ordered in advance.
Day 2. The adaptation period begins with a walk to a height of 2,750 m (up to Cheget-1).
Day 3. With the aim of getting used to high altitude conditions, climb to an even greater height to the graceful waterfall of the “Devichi Kosy” and the observatory
of the RAS (3095 m). If the weather conditions don’t allow you to climb to this altitude, then the exit is made to the top of Cheget-2. After returning to the hotel,
experienced instructors will help you find the missing climbing equipment that can be rented. Dinner and sleep in the hotel.
Day 4. Another adaptation lift for getting used to rarefied air. Participants of the route rise to a height of 3500 m (Mir station) through the Azau station. From this
station, the transition to the refuge “Priut-11” at an altitude of 4100 m. Getting to know the surroundings, a short meal in the fresh air and return to the hotel "Snow
Leopard" through the station Mir.
Day 5. Relocation to the alpine camp "Heart of Elbrus" by a new modern cable car to the upper station "Gara-Bashi". Having finished the dinner, rise to an altitude of 4400 m (rock ridge). On one of the mountain slopes instructors learn how to move around in cats, handle rope and self-restraint on a snowy terrain with the help of an ice ax. Restore the strength of the participants in the assault camp.
Day 6. The next adaptive climb is Pastukhov Rocks (4800 m). It is at this height that instructors hang safety rails for climbing. Teaching master-class from the instructor on safe and correct behavior on the mountain slopes and knitting knots. Return to the shelter. Evening meal and restoring sleep.
Day 7. A full day to rest before climbing. Pastime is chosen according to the preferences of participants. It can be table games, singing songs or sleeping. Those who wish can get acquainted with the local landmark by the Museum of Military Glory of the defenders of Elbrus and the Caucasian passes during the Great Patriotic War. It is recommended to go to bed as early as possible.
Day 8. The summit day. It is possible to climb on a snowcat or climb. Participants choose their own way of climbing to the top, considering their physical abilities and endurance. With the use of special vehicles, the depart from the camp at 4 am. Rental of snowcatchers is paid separately. The cost of rent for 9 people is 45 000 -
50 000 rubles. Minimal groups when climbing on foot consists of 3 people. Exit the alpine camp at 1 - 2:00 in the morning. If the group will be consist of less than three persons, an individual guide is offered for a separate payment. At the top, all participants can take beautiful photos, relax a bit and then return to the camp. The beginning of the descent to the shelter no later than 14.00. Descent takes 5 - 6 hours. Dinner and recovery.
Day 9. If the weather conditions did not prevent the ascent, then all the participants return to Terskol. At the stop, tourists relax, change clothes, take a shower and can
taste traditional Caucasian cuisine. In the evening, a traditional holiday with the delivery of certificates to all participants. A spare day in case of unfavorable weather conditions.
Day 10. Tourists leave by bus at 7 am to Mineralnye Vody. Each participant takes with him bright impressions, emotions about the past ascent.

The price includes:

  • Group transfer airport Mineralnye Vody - hotel in p. Terskol - Airport Mineralnye Vody. You can use the group transfer if you arrive in Minvody on the first day of the tour no later than 14.30 hours and departure on the last day of the tour no earlier than 11.15.
  • Accompanying the main guide during the whole program and guide assistants on the day of ascent at the rate of 1 guide (guide assistant) for no more than 3 participants.
  • Accommodation in the hotel "Snow Leopard", in the Cheget glade, in 2-bed or 3-bed rooms.
  • 3 meals a day at the hotel «Snow Leopard», lunch packages on the days of acclimatization exits when staying at the hotel.
  • Accommodation in the high-mountain shelter "Heart of Elbrus" at an altitude of 3850 m.
  • Three meals a day during the stay in the shelter, including the services of cooks.
  • Travel to the cable car when going to the Heart of Elbrus Shelter (in the 10-day program - also a ticket to Mir station at the acclimatization exit on the 4th day of the tour).
  • Group equipment (ropes, carbines, ice-drills).
  • Security (GPS-navigator, radios, registration in the Ministry of Emergency Situations).
  • Certificate of ascent for each participant.
  • Fee for the right to visit the National Park "Elbrus".

The price does not include:

  • Rent a snow cat (snow tractor) on the day of ascent.
  • Tickets for cablecar on Cheget.
  • Single accommodation in the hotel Snow Leopard».
  • Rental of personal equipment (cats, safety system, sticks, ice ax, etc.).
  • Personal expenses and entertainment (bath, fishing, horseback riding).
  • Climbing insurance.
  • The costs associated with changing the program according to your desire: travel from the glade Azau, additional nights in the hotel.


* The price includes one attempt to climb. An attempt is made to leave the group together with guides from the shelter until 05:00 and climb to a height of at least 4500 m using a ratrak or to a height of 4200 meters when hiking on foot. If the attempt was unsuccessful for the whole group or individual participants (due to weather conditions or poor health)

 If the attempt was not used on the planned day of ascent (due to bad weather), then the next one (reserve day) is used at no additional charge.

** We will make every effort to ensure that the ascent took place, but we can not guarantee 100% success.

Dates of climbing Elbrus for the season of 2020

Climbing Elbrus from the south - 10-days tour
Standard - €1090





01.05 - 10.05*

22.05 - 31.05

05.06 – 14.06

12.06 – 21.06

19.06 – 28.07

26.06 – 05.07





24.07 – 02.08





* - climbing with ski descent is possible on these dates

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